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Lucas Cranach
Martin Luther's Father 1527

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Portraits of Great Christians

Alcuin, Thomas Aquinas; Augustine of Hippo; Augustine of Canterbury; Anselm; Thomas Aquinas, Bede; Bonhoffer; Boniface; Benedict; John Bunyan; John Calvin; Archbishop Cranmer; Charlemagne, John Chrystostom; Ignatus Loyola; Martin Luther; Abraham Kuyper; Sir Thomas More; Martin of Tours; Martin Niemöller; Francis Schaeffer; Meno Simons; Augustus Strong; Ulrich Zwingli

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Pieter Breugel
The Tower of Babel, 11563
Churches and communions: Anabaptists; Anglicans; Mennonites; Evangelical Christianity; Eastern Orthodoxy; Roman Catholicism; Protestantism
Great events and movements in Christian history: English Reformation; Book of Common Prayer; The Reformation; The Scottish Reformation; The Counterreformation; Pietism, On Pilgrims and pilgrimage

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