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The four secrets to success on the Web:
1) Realistic expectations
2) An easy to find website
3) Regular maintenance
4) Good design for a fast loading website

1) Realistic expectations

Too many people ask the wrong questions about using the Internet. They ask "How can I make money directly from the Internet" not "HOW CAN I USE THE INTERNET TO SAVE MONEY?"

For example how much money could you save by posting information on your website rather than by sending a letter to a customer about an upcoming event? A website is open 24 hrs a day 365 days a year therefore people can get information about your organization at any time. It can be used for Advertising/Marketing, Customer Support, Recruitment, Public Relations and Communication as well as a variety of other functions.

At Hexham Web Promotions we work with you to not only come up with a site that helps sell your products and services but also help cuts costs

2) An easy to find website

People use search engines to find sites. Search Engines use "robots" to index websites. At this point in time only about one sixth of the web is indexed. If your website is not indexed correctly search engines will take a very long time to find your site.

For a website to be indexed two things need to be done. First, the site needs to be submitted to a search engine every 90 days. Second - the site needs to have meta tags. Meta Tags are the bait that draws search engines and spiders to your website

At Hexham Web Promotions we include the meta tags necessary for search engines to find your page and submit your site to over 2700 search engines, that's about 80% of all English language search. We don't just rely on the top ten search engines used by many web designers because we believe local search engines are often very important to people.

3) Regular maintenance

One of the biggest problems that web users have and the biggest challenge for businesses is keeping their website maintained and up-to-date. Why spend lots of money having a website built if you are not willing to maintain it? Would you hand out the same literature year after year without any changes?

Since the web is one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising, the easiest to change, and the most accessible to everyone, don't you want to your site to look really great?

At Hexham Web Promotions we maintain our websites.

4) Good design for a fast loading website

Only 11% of Canadian households have high speed Internet? The figure is even lower in the USA? Yet close to 50% of websites are designed for high-speed access. For dial-up users this means very slow download time. Nortel networks estimated that 2.5 billions hours were wasted through slow website downloads in 1998.

The other major problem is that many graphic designers have all the latest technological toys. Therefore, they create many websites for their own entertainment. But ordinary people without expensive equipment are left in the dark.. Just because a website looks great on a designer's computer does not mean that ordinary users will see it in the same way.

At Hexham Web Promotions we are web designers not graphic designers. We know what people want from a website and we work with you to design a good site. Before we post your site on the World Wide Web we consult a panel of Internet users with different skill levels, ages and gender to evaluate the site. We also run a series of tests to check design, load time, content, and appearance on different types of computer.

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